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My Friends

Anyways, You're probably wondering what this page is for. Well, Here, I can store a bunch of information about my friends! And I want you to be a part of it!

Email or type in the forums area...

  1. Your name- (First, middle, and last) 
  2. at least 10 things that you like
  3. at least 5 things that you HATE
  4. your birthday
  5. how many siblings do you have and what gender are they?
  6. what is your favorite thing to do during summer vacation?
  7. what would be your favorite thing to do if it snowed in the winter? (or if it does snow where you live, put what you like to do)
  8. and anything else you want to share!

(if there's a person that you hate, then please don't put it. Put something else. If there IS someone you hate on your information I will not be posting it)

  • My name is... Angela Larson (I don't have a middle name)
  • I LOVE... Stuffed Animals, popcicles, chocolate, eating, sleeping, watching T.V, playing on the computer, money, good friends, traveling, talking, singing, dancing, bragging, and drawing and so many more!!!!
  • I HATE... People who have food all around their mouth, spolied & bratty children, hidious animals (but most animals are cute!), and Vegetables
  • My birthday: June 21, 2001 (the first day of summer- and the longest day of the year!)
  • My siblings: I have one brother named Anthony
  • In the summer I love to... Go swimming & celebrate my birthday
  • I would love to... Make a huge lump of snow if it snowed (or sand- because for the most part I just like making big hills of stuff)
  • I would just like to say... Thank you to those looking at this website right now, thank you even more if you inserted your information already, and thank you EVEN MORE if your a member!


The key to having fun- the CHATBOX

Behold! I bring forth the magic chatbox!

You here chatting in the lunchroom, the classroom, the playground, your house, your friends house, EVERYWHERE YOU GO. And I know you want more of it- for some reason. Chat with your BFF's in this awesome chatbox! It's hearing the gossip from your friends without the noise!

If you want, you can also chat with others on the guestbook page. But this is more handy.

With the Chatbox you can make and download cute emoticans, make your own view name, pick a cute picture, and chat with your friends!

Have fun! (there are two chatboxes just in case one gets to crowded)


 want another chatbox? Go ahead and tell me! I'll make one another one quick!

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