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Instructions for (some) games:

Mini Piano: simply click the keys to play your favorite song! You can also change the VOLUME and the PAN (whatever that is) 

Frogger: use your arrow keys to make the frog hop across to the green platforms at the end. Some turtles will dissapear if you land on them so watch out!

Pacman: use your arrow keys to make pacman eat the dots and get away from the ghosts! big dots make it so you can eat the ghosts and get points. Any fruit you see will get you extra points. 

Crash down: (if you've ever played "line up" on your i touch then it's the exact some thing) Click on the bunches of squares in groups of three or more. You can't let the squares touch the top though. P.S: the game doesn't really get hard until level four.

Walking Penguins: How Cute! simply move your arrow across the screen and the penguins will follow! You can also pick them up by clicking and dragging them with your mouse. P.S: If you throw a penguin off the screen he will come back! (even if it might take a while) 

Bejewled: you are trying to get tree or more of the same jewels together. To do so, simply click on one of the jewels and switch it with another jewel beside it.

Space invaders: Space invaders are shooting from above! You must save the down! Use your arrow keys to move the spaceship left and right. Press the spacebar to shoot bullets!

Ultimate Flash Sonic: Choose one of the four characters, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, or Cream to save the day! Use the space bar to jump and use your arrow keys to go left and right. Collect as many coins as you can!

Swimming fishes: It's just like walking penguins except for ONE thing... when you click on the screen fish food will come out and the fish will go after it!

Snake: use your arrow keys to move the snake. don't run into the bushes or walls! 

(There aren't instructions for most of the games, but most of them are pretty easy to find out. Meanwhile I'll be trying to write more about the games)

(these intructions were made before I put on ten thousand more games, which is why there is hardly anything. This page is under MASSIVE construction)

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Ya, I know it's frustrating going up and down, up and down every time you want to play another game. I tried to fix that problem, but It's not working. Enjoy anyways! 

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