A fun site to talk about each other,
play games, and share what's up!
It's called hang out for a reason!

Welcome to Angie's Hang-Out!

Hey! if you're looking at this wepage right now- you must be awesome! I must of invited you here! (unless you suddenly, randomly, without any idea, passed by this website) either way It's cool, because guests are welcome to look around!


I created this website because now we friends can...  

  • talk to each other 
  • play games
  • learn more about each other
    and other random things that are fun!!!

You will not BELIEVE how many things are on this website! Tons of addicting games are in the Arcade section, you can chat with your friends in the guestbook or in the"My friends" area on a chatbox, Upload stuff about you on your member profile, shop for awesome clothes, gifts, and accessories at the offical cafepress shop, check out delightful pictures in the photos section, and check out all the other cool widgets on the "Other Stuff" page!

New stuff comes around every once in a while, so you'll never get bored!

Participate in the polls!

When you participate in the polls I get to know more about what my clients think- and in a much easier way- It help me inprove my site! Not only that, it's fun to see what other people think!

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